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Free!! doujinshis • Pairing: Nagisa x Rei • Rating 18+

Love Potion No. 9: Nagisa and Rei live together in the woods as witch and vampire boyfriends. Nagisa tries to make a potion for Rei to protect him from the sun, but it ends up having a different effect on the vampire. 40 pgs

Note: Contains depictions of blood and light bondage

Deep Depths: Rei and Nagisa plan to take their relationship to the next level, but Rei is worried over his lack of knowledge in such areas. He enlists Kou and Hana in his education, but the girls' info may end up giving him the wrong idea... 16 pgs

Metamorphosis: Rei and Nagisa have just started dating when Rei is whisked off to a training camp by himself. He returns to find that his boyfriend is much more...tall...and beautiful?! 32 pgs

** Note: this is for the digital PDFS, the physical books are sold out