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You must be 18+ to purchase any of these comics! These are AU comics for my own webcomic characters from Avialae, which can be read at avialaecomic.com

#1: Cupid's Kiss (MISPRINT ONLY)- AU in which Gannet is a cupid, 16 pgs, saddle stitched, B5

#2: Incubus Boyfriend - AU in which Gannet is an incubus, sequel to Cupid's Kiss, 24 pgs, saddle stitched, B5

#3: Duality of Man - AU in which Gannet is both an angel and devil, sequel to Incubus Boyfriend, 20 pgs, saddle stitched, B5

#4: Cupid's Heart - Completion of story in doujinshi 1-3, bondage and feelings, 22 pgs, perfect bound, B5

#5: Nyavialae - exactly what it sounds like, 16 pgs, perfect bound, B5

#6: Take Over - Gannet and Bailey switch bodies, 20 pgs, perfect bound, B5

#7: Done and Dusted - Gannet dresses up as a maid, Bailey records it, 18 pgs, perfect bound, B5

#8: Blood Moon - AU in which Gannet is a vampire and Bailey is a werewolf, 26 pgs, perfect bound, B5

#9: Road to Valhalla - AU in which Bailey is a warrior and Gannet is a Valkyrie, x pgs, perfect bound, B5